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Unleash your inner pastry chef!
Create stunning gourmet desserts with our comprehensive baking kits.


Each baking kit comes with:

Speciality tools

Premium ingredients

Online classes

Recipe books

hi_res-ec-BAKE ON_r1_4599.jpg

Amaze yourself!
Create something gorgeous and delicious.

New skills you'll learn:

Pouring mirror glaze

Making crémeux

Piping dacquoise

Working with gelatin

Don't buy them,
bake them!

New skills you'll learn:

Tempering chocolate
Painting with cocoa butter

Dry caramel technique



I’m Jenn! I started BAKE ON! to bring the art of making gourmet desserts into the kitchens of home bakers like you and me! 


For many of us, baking is much more than a hobby. It’s therapy. A way to create. To experiment. But most of all, it’s a way to bring delicious joy to friends and family. My love of baking started as a way to connect with my dad, making cakes and cookies in our tiny kitchen. 


As I improved, I dreamed of making the desserts I saw in pâtisserie windows - mirror glazed entremets, perfect petit fours, decadent eclairs. But short of going to pastry school, there wasn’t a clear path to learn how. 


It was a hurdle finding recipes that were easy to understand while trying to source the right speciality tools and ingredients to make them. I created BAKE ON! to be your pastry school in-a-box, so you bypass those hurdles and focus on the fun part - baking. 


Bake on!





We are committed to getting the highest quality ingredients to make your bake as delicious as possible. Here are some of the ingredients brands that we use in our kits:

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Burlap and barrel logo.png
Nielsen Massey.png
Pistachio factory.webp

We know it takes a lot of packaging to put together a BAKE ON! kit, so we’ve made sure that all that packaging is recyclable. 

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