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Secret Tips For How To Juice Your Citrus Using Many Different Methods

There are many different ways to juice citrus. Regardless of which way you try, here are a few tips to prepare the fruit for optimal juicing.

  • Get it to room temperature: Either by leaving the lemons out or by quickly mic

  • Loosen the membranes: You can do this by putting it in the microwave for 15-20 seconds and/or you can put it on a table or cutting board and gently roll it from side to side.

Options for how to juice your lemon

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Use a juicer: Cut your lemon in half lengthwise and press it firmly on the top of the juicer. Rotate the fruit clockwise and counterclockwise several times until there is no more liquid coming out.

Use a squeezer: Many people are using their squeezers wrong. The best way to juice citrus using one of these tools is by, after cutting the lemon in half once, cutting a small part off the other side (the tip and bottom) of the lemon, so there is some of the fruit visible on both ends. Then squeeze.

Use a spoon: Cut the fruit in half lengthwise and hold one half in your non-dominant hand. Take a spoon with your dominant hand and start applying pressure in the center in a rotating motion while squeezing.

Use a standing mixer: Cut your lemon into quarters and put it in your standing mixer with a paddle attachment. Mix on low for about 2 minutes. This method has the added benefit of also incorporating the natural oils from the skin.

Use a skewer: DO NOT cut your lemon at all. Instead, after loosening the membranes, take a skewer, pin, or chopsticks, and poke a hole in the non-step end of the lemon. Then squeeze.

With your hands: Cut the lemon in half lengthwise and squeeze the lemon between your clasped palms over a sieve. Rotate the lemon multiple times in your hands and squeeze again.


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