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About bake on!

I’m Jenn! I started BAKE ON! to bring the art of making gourmet desserts into the kitchens of home bakers like you and me! 


For many of us, baking is much more than a hobby. It’s therapy. It’s a way to create. To experiment. But most of all, it’s a way to bring delicious joy to friends and family. My love of baking started as a way to connect with my dad, making cakes and cookies in our tiny kitchen. 


As I improved, I dreamed of making the desserts I saw in pâtisserie windows - mirror glazed entremets, perfect petit fours, decadent eclairs. But short of going to pastry school,

there wasn’t a clear path to learn how. 


It was a hurdle finding recipes that were easy to understand while trying to source the right speciality tools and ingredients to make them. I created BAKE ON! to be your pastry school in-a-box, so you bypass those hurdles and focus on the fun part - baking. 

My goal when designing each BAKE ON! kit is that you have a joyful experience, learn something new and replicable, and make something delicious, beautiful, and that you want to share with your loved ones. My dream is that eventually we will build a community of bakers who will begin coming up with and sharing their own ideas for recipes using the tools and techniques they learned from the kits. I hope you will be one of them! 


Bake on!

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